I am a bride-to-be, and the wedding date is scheduled for October next year. Unlike most people who are discouraged from the long and trivial road of preparing for a wedding, I think preparing for a wedding is really a wonderful process, which makes people happy and excited. Of course there are many accidents. For example, just yesterday, I accidentally bought a wedding dress.

Most brides have to change several sets of wedding dresses on the wedding day: the gown for the bridegroom to pick up the bride, the welcoming gown, the light wedding gown for location shooting, the main yarn for the wedding ceremony and the gown for toasting, as well as Chinese Xiuhe Dresses… Corresponding to various styles of wedding dresses, there are a dazzling array of wedding dress shops.

The first step in choosing a wedding dress is to choose a bridal shop. Generally speaking, bridal shops are divided into “collection shops” and “brand shops”. Of course, there are price differences under each category. These bridal shops also have two ways to deal with wedding dresses: purchase and lease. There are custom-made and spot-based purchases. Some leases are based on 40-50% of the purchase price, and some also “intimately” launch a package system, with a fixed price corresponding to a fixed style.

After watching buyer shows and seller shows in countless stores, I seem to have lost my aesthetic ability. These wedding dresses look good to me, but the beauty is beautiful. It seems that each one is the same with little difference. After seeing it, I can even see which cheap “independent designer” brand is plagiarizing which “big brand” wedding dress.

Someone recommended bridal shop hong kong market to me . It is said that you can buy the same style as a big-brand wedding dress of 100,000 yuan for a few thousand yuan. But in this way, I will fall into a new round of greater aesthetic fatigue. I thought about it, since most of the wedding dresses on the market did not produce a “chemical reaction” to me, the first thing to do is to narrow the range of choices. So I started to add words such as “custom” and “niche” to the search keywords, and finally selected three bridal shops with different prices.

The first one is considered as a cheap shop and does not charge a trial fee. You can rent 4 pieces for less than 10,000 yuan. I tried about 10 items in total on that day, and only one of them is my favorite.

The second one is regarded as a mid-end store, and the trial yarn fee is not charged for less than 5 pieces, and the price of the set meal (3-4 pieces) is about 30,000 yuan. I don’t understand the way in the main yarn, but the difference between Chinese Xiuhe is very obvious. Although the first Xiuhe has a lot of flowers, but the silky threads are clearly visible; the second Xiuhe is simple and elegant, and is made of silk fabrics. Under the contrast of hand feel and gloss, the judgement is high. It is a pity that the size is not very suitable. Although the proprietress has repeatedly emphasized that the size of the rented wedding dress can be modified, I think “resize” is different from “fine adjustment”, and it will still have a great impact on the fit.

To say that at the beginning I had no idea about what kind of wedding dress I like. After trying two of them in person, I can also sum up some experiences and preferences: not tall, not suitable for mermaid wedding dresses, matte satin The surface material is like chiffon. Trying on the wedding dress should stand on the ground instead of on the table to feel the real effect…

Seeing that these wedding dresses were taken down from the shelf one by one, stretched open, and collapsed on the ground, like a body, and then I stepped into these delicate bodies, as if transformed. Suddenly a sentence that I didn’t know where I saw it floated in my mind. A wedding photographer said: “What I like most is watching the brides who are carefully selected and wore ugly wedding dresses at the wedding…”

What a precise and cruel irony.

It is said that the most beautiful time for girls is the moment when they put on their wedding dresses. As a girl who is about to put on a wedding dress, I am the first to deny this sentence. There is no way for a wedding dress to cover the imperfections in the figure, but to enlarge it. Beauty is not necessarily true. After all, most ordinary people do not have the figure of a female celebrity.

But this transformation is still indispensable for most girls. My “ideal wedding dress” has some more abstract and empty imaginations: I wear it like a princess, I can laugh arrogantly and go around happily…

The last store selected is a brand store. It is said that many celebrities wear it when they get married, and the price is not low. At the end of the year, their family launched a “Sample Sale”, and I was going to give it a try.

After arriving at the shop that day, the brides who came to try their wedding dresses were already there, and the shopping guide who contacted me was too busy. I started to shuttle in front of the “designer’s works” by myself, and I photographed a pretty good blue dress. I saw the tag price, the original price was more than 70,000, and the discount was more than 40,000. I instantly felt that I might want it. Quit this game.

However, I was settled and I began to give up trying on the trailing main yarn, because the price is generally higher and the purchase is of little significance, so I started to choose light dress skirts. What disturbed me this time was undoubtedly the price, because it exceeded my expectations. Even the shopping guide keeps telling me that “this piece was originally to be tried on with a trial fee”, “hand-made embroidery”, “if you buy this piece, you will be the first bride to try it on”… My mind has always been thinking: Do I really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding dress?

After quickly rebuilding the price line of defense, I began to feel that the wedding dress for 30,000 yuan was already considered cheap here. After trying 5 samples, I caught a glimpse of a bright yellow dress with a fluffy skirt in the corner. It resembles the yellow dress worn by Princess Ribeira in the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”. This may be the only dress that makes me feel bright after I have tried so many wedding dresses.

The shopping guide also introduced me very enthusiastically: This is the latest model, just got it in the store, do you want to try it?

The answer is yes, I jumped into this bright yellow body again. The size is just right, as if it had grown on me. I asked about the price, and it only costs a little over 30,000, and my heart beats again in an instant.

When it was sent to the group, my friends were persuading me: it is too expensive.

Even my wedding planner is persuading me: it’s just a dancing skirt, it’s not the main yarn, and it’s too expensive.

They started to help me point out the imperfections of this wedding dress, for example, the skirt is too big to make it fat.

But I know that this wedding dress makes my heart beat is the big skirt. But at the same time, the voice of reason is constantly hovering: what if you encounter someone you like more? Will you regret it?

So after a brief period of dreamy pleasure, I fell into impulsive and rational tears. “Buy or not to buy” seems to have become a life-thinking question: “Is it necessary to act decisively when I meet something I like”, “Whether waiting means a missed opportunity”, and “I should trust my own judgment or listen to others’ suggestions.” , “What makes people happy is the desire to consume or the happiness itself”…

Maybe it was poverty that made me entangled, but I was indeed stuck in every single choice question in life that was very difficult to answer.

I decided to go back to sleep and think about it again.

Because I plan to let my husband witness the first time I wore a wedding dress at the wedding, in order to remain mysterious, I never discuss with him about wedding dresses. But this time I couldn’t help it, and asked tentatively: “I have fancy a wedding dress for 30,000 yuan.” He quickly replied: “Do you like it? If you really like it, buy it.”

But do I really like it? I don’t know, the bright colors and big skirts might be liked by others, but do I really like them?

But when I think about it, if I can’t have it, I feel very irritable again. In the torture that hit the soul over and over again, I remembered two things.

When I first entered junior high school, the teacher asked every classmate to buy a calculator. Most of the classmates bought a rectangular scientific calculator, but I used a pocket mini calculator that my father gave me. Although it has functions, it is inconvenient to operate. , I was a little “disgusted” with it. Until one day this mini calculator was deliberately knocked off by the bear kid at the front desk, I felt extremely angry and distressed, because it was given to me by my father.

I seem to be the kind of person who would like a thing if I own it.

The second thing, when I first went on the bus, I also asked him, how can we ensure that each other is the right person? What if you encounter a more suitable one in the future? He replied at that time: “The probability of getting a rational number from a row of real numbers is 0.”

I seem to understand, but it suddenly dawned on me.

Regardless of the identity of the bride-to-be, I am just a “beater”. In addition to my true love in my heart, I also enjoy the satisfaction of material desires. In fact, the whole wedding is like this. In addition to the ceremonial sense of the celebration, it is also a game of money piled up. But the pursuit of material desire is not necessarily shameful. The key is how to manage one’s desires. If I had to sleep on the street in order to buy this wedding dress today, I would not think it was still a beautiful thing.

A wedding is like a bright moment in everyone’s life. Most of the time, we are overwhelmed by topics such as finding a job, buying a house, raising children, etc., and we are exhausted every day. Only this moment can be confidently refined to the end. Seeing that I really want to buy it, my husband comforted him: “It’s just your one month’s salary!” I seem to be a lot more calm, even as a reward for my hard work!

The next day, I made an appointment to try on the wedding dress again. I started to have a “pleasure of having it”, maybe that’s enough.

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