With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Valentine’s Day is coming. Every year, Valentine’s Day is always sweet and romantic. There are so many things that happened this year that caught us off guard, but because of this, we suddenly realized the preciousness of life and feelings. The family is almost depressed. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to send her a bunch of flowers, let her feel the freshness and sweetness of nature, and instantly feel cheerful, let’s take a look with the editor.

Valentine’s Day flowers delivery is more than just red roses. You have to see what type of girl your favourite young lady is, so that you can’t go wrong with valentine’s day flower delivery! Valentine’s Day flowers are generally sent as roses. The colour of the rose can be red rose, pink rose, champagne rose, blue enchantress, purple rose, and the rose colour can be selected according to the preferences of the young lady! If you are cute, you will of course like red roses and champagne roses; if you are a high-cold elder sister, you will like purple roses and blue enchantresses; if you are empathetic, choose red roses!

The number of flowers to send on Valentine’s Day has always been a big problem for male friends. How many flowers are most suitable for Valentine’s Day?

In fact, it mainly depends on what new ideas you want to express. If you propose to marry me, it will be 999 roses and 520 roses; if you want to express single-minded love in a passion, then choose 11 roses, if If you want to express the love of Sansheng III, you choose 33 roses.


33 flowers-unchanging heart

Meaning: Falling in love with you is the greatest happiness of my life, thinking of you is my sweetest pain, and being with you is my pride. Without you, I’m like a lost ship.

11 flowers-eternal love

Meaning: In your eyes, I am the most handsome look of me, we are the most beautiful look of love when we are together

520 flowers-I love you

Meaning: Marry me!

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